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     James Zeller and Katie Belknap are


                  "the Ponies

                                        Of Harmony"


           original music and choice classics with

                  sweet vocal harmonies,

     tasteful and swinging trombone and clarinet,

               guitars and the best of the best genres.

                                 Based in Arcata, CA.

         Looking for galloping upbeat dance music? Or, a romantic serenade, soothing and slow,

     like a heartwarming trot at sundown? 

                    whatever your entertainment needs,

          these ponies are perfect for your party.

    We look forward to hearing from you!




Remember LovePonies Of Harmony
00:00 / 02:28
Today Has BegunPonies Of Harmony
00:00 / 03:30
If I Needed YouPonies
00:00 / 02:43
The Warmth Of All The Love I've KnownPonies
00:00 / 02:44
Up A Lazy RiverPonies
00:00 / 02:14

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